Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Variety of Interactive Media around us

 I can't believe that it's almost the end of the quarter and this will be the last journal for me to write in this class. We have learned from the invention of writing to the brand-new technology and its design embrace us. But still I really appreciate the development of technology, because without it we can't even deliver our thought like this. As the chapter come close to the end, I felt like the number of people who had contributed to the Graphic Design evolution increased. It was really hard for me to choose the topic to write about, but this time I'd like to talk about the development of interactive media.
     The examples of interactive media are really broad, probably from computer game, telephone, to nowadays advertisement as far as media which people can communicate both ways.
I was really excited when I first experienced interactive TV show, such as quiz show. All you have to do is to use remote controller and press the button and you can literally enjoy the show with the entertainer in the TV. But now, it seems like we can also join the TV show via using our cellphone.
As some of you might have experienced, Kinect for X-box is also a kind of an interactive media. There is a censor inside the camera and you are going to stand in front of the camera, as the way you move the character inside the game will move as well. So you can enjoy playing game with moving your body. 
Augment Reality, AR, is a great example of interactive media. Here is a example of AR for IKEA products. AR make your image, idea or dream visually possible. 
     Today we are surrounded with many high technology products, and I think interactive media will continue to develop, rather I guess it'll take a major role in our daily life. As I noticed looking at several art college website, I could find a variety of majors that we didn't have before. Interactive design major is one of the example. I'm really looking forward to experience a new interactive media in our near future.

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