Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Company logos around the world

     For this week's reading, I really enjoyed Chapter 20 mentioning about how company logos or multilingual signs had been created which are still in use today. 
     Looking at several logos of companies, I noticed that there is always coherence between actual design and its meaning, and every single type faces, line strokes, structure, and colors are related to each other. And I found interesting pictures about color of the famous company logos around the world.

 The first picture classified logos into color scale, and you can see what is the most used color in the world. As you can see, there are many blueish logos around us. According to the picture of color chart below, blue means trust, dependable and strength. In color study, blue is recognized as a color to make people calm down, by contrast to red color. However red captures our eyes the most thus it's suitable for public advertisement in order to get people's attention, so that you can also find a lot of logo marks with red color around us. I found out that company with rainbow colors are famous for world wide such as Google, ebay, and Windows. Rainbow can be anything, in other word knowledgeble.
Also logos such as Bank of America, NBA, American Airlines, and Mobil use blue and red colors, which is the colors for the American flag. So colors of the logo can be their national color to imply its origins.

     I really agree with what Tom Geismar said that symbol must be memorable and have "some barb to it that will make it stick in your mind", and at the same time it must be "attractive, pleasant, and appropriate. " The logos and symbols we can see around us today have a great impact so that it remains the same for several decades up to now. 

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