Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Field Journal #1

For a long time, I'd been thinking that Graphic Design is pretty much about "art." However, as I turning over the page of "Meggs' History of Graphic Design," I started to think that my definition of Graphic Design was wrong. Probably it was not just wrong, but I thought that it cannot be said or explained by one word; art. It is obvious by looking at each pictures on the pages.

This book begins with the invention of writing. At this moment, I stopped and started thinking that "wait, is this also a kind of Graphic Design?" But as I think deeply, I became to think that whatever the form is, if that things are to communicate to people or have meanings it is a kind of art.

It is really interesting for me to see the developing of "typography" as time goes on. Obviously it is because of the invention of tools and machines but also because of each publishers met needs which is to outshine what they really want people to know within the environment where there is a lot of information, and
also to give audience a strong impact in order to prevail expansive competition.

As the time goes on, I noticed that Graphic Design became the combination of original typography and drawing, painting, and photography. In this way, Graphic Design can have more strong impression and uniqueness. However, I was really surprised and also wondered that each designs never be the same. Which made me thought that imagination can be infinity and beyond.

Since I was grown up in the digital and information age, I came across a lot of Graphic Designs around me without truly knowing it. However I'm sure this book will lead me to the further understanding of Graphic Design, let me notice the importance of Graphic Design, and help me cultivate a sense of uniqueness and creativity.

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